#TBT: What Does Fashion Mean To You? 1984-85 Edition

Watch this group of 80′s teens from Antioch High School answer these four questions: – What’s your idea of fashion? – Do people tease/criticize you because of what you wear? – How do your parents think of the way you … read more


Just for Fun - 132

“TAG ME!” — The Just For Fun Gallery Photos are here!

The photos from last week’s gallery are here! If you like what you see, well, you can still see it (for free!) The Just for Fun gallery is up right now for another 3 weeks only at Art Share LA (801 … read more



Yo Dude, Save Your Cat Calls For Your Mama!

For the past two months, I have been taking the metro to work. I wish I could say it’s been nothing but commuter bliss, no longer stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, but each day on my .09 mile walk to … read more



Locking in a Girl-friend Like Locking in a Lover.

  Girlfriends.  We all need them. Four months ago I found myself in a new city without a single girlfriend.  Life was rough. I even picked up a social smoking habit just to seem cooler about being a loner (which … read more



But First, Let Me Take A Selfie. Ok…Maybe Not.

After one too many incidents involving improper selfie conduct gone viral, I thought I would create an informal PSA (in typical millennial fashion, all in gifs of course) on when taking a selfie is deemed appropriate or not. Are you … read more



This Spoof on #minimumwage is Way Too Real

“Just a $3 increase can make a living wage.”  Everyone’s favorite charismatic nanny, Mary Poppins aka Kristen Bell calls it quits! This Funny or Die spoof on the Disney classic, Spoon Full of Sugar highlights the struggle that is making … read more